How do I keep my Gel Top/Base brushes from hardening?
After each two nail application, clean the brush well with a clean paper towel. At the end of the day, always clean the neck of the bottle inside and out with a paper towel damped with pure acetone.
Why does the pink appear cloudy after being finished?
In most cases, there is either not enough Gel, or too much Gel. Finish each nail before moving on to the next - don't wait too long before next coat, always remember "thin and evenly".
How do I apply Gelous Color?
For Manicure Clients: Do a regular Manicure but do not use Culticle Oil and massage, buff with Medium buffer,apply E.A Base Coat, fan dry one minute, apply medium amount of Gelous Gel Base, dip in color, wait 2 seconds, tap powder back inside the jar, repeat to other 4 nails, go back to 1st nail and apply Gelous Gel Base again, dip in color, repeat to other 4 nails use a worn brush and clean powder off around and under the nails. Apply Sealer on 5 nails, repeat with remain 5 nails, shape and buff, re-apply Sealer follow with 2 thin coats of Gel Top, dry with fan for 30 seconds, apply Nourisher then massage. For Natural Set clients (with tips extension): dip 3 layers of N. Set (for New set) or fill around the cuticle (for Refill), then do the exact same technique as you do with Manicure clients.
How do I explain to clients what kind of product SNS is?
SNS is the healthy solution in Pink & White Dipping Powder Systems. You achieve great looking healty nails without using Primer, or UV Light. With SNS you can get Pink & White Manicured nails in as little as 25 minutes, and Gelous Color Manicures in only 15 minutes.
What ingredients does SNS powder have?
SNS's powder consist of Organically processed chemicals of Benzoyl Peroxide, Titatum Dioxide, Acrylic Ester Polymer.
Can I use an Activator in substitute for Sealer?
No, most Activators contain higher vapor rate which will ruin the Gel Top's brushes and the shine of SNS finish look.
Why do my nails turn yellow after a week?
Most yellowing comes from tanning, bleach, and being out the sun with hand lotion on.
How can I watch SNS's Instructional Videos online?
By clicking on the links, you can visit our Video Tutorial page or our YouTube channel.
Can I buy larger size of SNS product?
Yes, SNS offers different sizes of each product: Dipping Powders are available in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 16 oz, Gelous Colors are available in 1 oz, and Liquids are available in 0.5oz and 2oz refill bottles.
Why does my manicure seem to be lifting up?
Before Gel Base application, make sure to remove excess cuticles by sanding well and make sure to never apply the Gel Base over the cuticle. Try to keep everything a hairline away from the cuticle.
Why does my manicure tips break off?
The nail is not thick enough at stress points, to prevent this use a minimum of four coasts for medium length nails and young clients. For long nails use a minimum of five coats. In the last layer, dip into Natural Set Sheer to strenghten the nail.
Can I refill Gelous Color?
No, SNS recommends that you do not refill Gelous Color. It is much healthier for the nails if you soak the old Gelous Color off and start the process from the beginning.
How do I use the French Moulding?
Side 1 is used for clients with less curvy nails. Side 2 is used for clients with more curvy nails.
How do I remove SNS Manicures?
To remove SNS Manicures, the first step is to sand off the shine of the Gel Top on all 10 nails. Next, you can either use foil with Acetone or soak the nails in Acetone for 10 minutes and then wipe them off with a paper towel.