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SNS Training Dipping Systems – is the latest development that has no analogues in the world, to meet and strengthen nails. SNS system combines all the best that was ever in the area of the nail. SNS hypoallergenic system is not subject to chipping, preserves the natural nails flexibility.

You want to create a colored finish nails?
With it, it will just make it easier. Use more than 350 colors, their surprising number is constantly growing. Half an hour and a coating procedure done.
Cover jacket? Use tray for powder and make a perfect jacket, which will be held six weeks.
You want to build? No problem, you can use the tips from our online store.
You want to create a unique design of nails? Use rhinestones swarovski elements and acrylic paints to create a superior design.

The advantages of the system also includes:
1. Application, including the jacket, takes 20-30 minutes.
2. Does not require drying under UV lamp.
3. Polymerized in air.
4. No need to nail gashes.
5. Strengthens the nail plate 5 with calcium and vitamins.
6. Large palette of colors (more than 350)
7. Perhaps the building and correction.
8. Do not peel or splits off.
9. Holds up to 1.5 months.
10. It does not smell.
11. Suitable allergies and pregnant women.
12. Quality certified natural product.
13. The American brand.
14. The starter kit is sufficient for servicing more than 100 customers.

We also inform about SNS Training that is a opportunity to start their own business or expand an existing customer base. See for yourself at this time, the average price for the procedure is $50, which is almost 2 times higher than in the shellac, the coating lasts 3 times longer than shellac.
Having only 3 client on the day you earn 74,000 rubles a month, taking into account the cost c! Spending up to 2 hours a day!
The procedure, including the jacket takes 20-30 minutes, you save time, you earn more and your customers save time and money!
If you have your own beauty salon, the SNS system will give you a competitive advantage in the market!
Since the SNS appears only on the Russian market, you will not have competitors, and you will be able to charge higher prices for the procedure than with other systems.
By purchasing one of the starter kits (starter set standard or extended), which will be enough for 100 clients, you get the opportunity to go on the SNS system master class completely free! In which you will explain all the nuances of working with our system. If you have never engaged in the search for clients, we can provide valuable tips for their involvement in the Internet and find for you the first customers.
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Here you can order everything you need for procedures directly from the manufacturers.