DAZL At Home Dip Powder Kit


An SNS dip powder kit that you can use at home or in the salon for a fast, simple dip powder manicure.

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DAZL™ is a remarkable new way to apply dip powder, and in half the time! For a DIY dip powder manicure at home, this kit contains everything you need. Directions and videos are available to demonstrate the process that a careful and attentive DIYer can use to achieve brilliant, long lasting dip nails. No UV light required. Additional DAZL colors are available for purchase separately.

For salon owners and technicians, this DAZL kit provides a starting set to apply dip powder nails in half the time, perfect for busy clients and busy salons.
Kit includes: DAZL Color, Gel Base (.5 oz), Sealer Dry (.5 oz), Gel Top (.5 oz), Vitamin Oil (.5 oz), Natural Set (1oz), Buffer, File.

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