Bases and Sealers for Dip

Healthy Foundations

The core of a healthy dip manicure lies in the quality of the bases and sealers. SNS formulated their dip powder system to leave the natural nail bed as healthy—or even healthier—than before. Years of research and development have led SNS to create a range of Bases & Sealers unlike anything in the nail industry. These essential products bind the color to the nail, provide a beautiful mirror-finish, and most of all, ensure the health of the natural nail. With high quality dip top coats, dip base coat adhesives, and sealers, nails actually become stronger and healthier with each application.

  • Natural materials used wherever possible
  • Nourishing the natural nail with healthful ingredients
  • No toxic odors in the salon
  • Minimize allergenic effects
  • Colors that are brilliant and consistent
  • Provide a light, strong and flexible nail
  • Nails protected against UV light
  • Easy to apply and remove


Our complete base and sealers sets have a healthy product for every step of the SNS dipping process: bonds and adhesives, vitamin oil, sealers, base coats, and top coats. SNS Bases & Sealers contain carefully selected nutrients that are known to nourish the nail bed.

Vitamin A An antioxidant that helps the nail bed repel bacteria and viruses, while it also protects against UV damage.

Vitamin E A nutrient and protector for the nail bed; helps neutralize free radicals which damage the cells, and strengthens the immune system.

Vitamin B5 Has powerful abilities to regenerate the nail bed, making the tissue more solid and elastic; B5 also provides a protective barrier against harm.

Vitamin D3 Boosts elasticity of the tissues and stimulates collagen production, while helping to replenish the cells and maintain their natural moisture.

Calcium An essential component for cell regeneration and tissue strength; Calcium also has a protective function, stimulating the production of natural antioxidants to preserve cell health.