Gelous Color DIP POWDER

SNS was an early innovator in professional dipping powderswith the goal to give women beautiful AND healthy nails. Today, we lead the industry with the world’s finest dip powder products. Licensed salons and technicians can buy dip powder wholesale direct from SNS. Apply for your professional discount today to purchase in both bulk or small orders.

With a spectacular choice of over 400 colors, SNS has created the highest quality dipping powders in the world. SNS powders have a finer grain than any imitators, with colors that are richer, brighter and more consistent. And only SNS dipping powders are enriched with nutrients that nourish the natural nail. Now, for greater salon convenience, SNS is supplying its famous Gelous Colors in 1 ounce plus the new 1.5 ounce/42g jars. Another small step from SNS to better serve our loyal customers!

With our Mastermatch™ system, coordinating colors are available for professional gel polishes and lacquers.


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