Nail Dip Powders

Healthy + Beautiful Nails

As an early innovator of dip powder nails, SNS Nails is synonymous with dip nails worldwide. We developed our dipping powder system nearly 30 years ago with the goal of providing both healthy AND beautiful nails. The high quality SNS powders have a finer grain and cleaner ingredients than imitators. Nail health is enhanced with nutrients that nourish the natural nail.

What are dip nails? The process begins with an adhesive base coat to which the fine colored powder is applied. A specially formulated top coat then seals the manicure, leaving a smooth and dazzling nail surface. Nails are lightweight with a natural feel. Dip powders are an insanely popular manicure for good reason. There’s no odor in the salon, no UV light, and no allergic reaction. Women love having beautiful nails that are lighter and more natural feeling. And with the addition of four different vitamins, plus calcium, their nails grow healthy and strong!

Professional nail technicians love our Gelous Color professional dip product, the Pink and White dip powders, and our seasonal color Collections for professional nail products. Our DAZL™ Dip Nail Kit introduces a quicker, simpler technique for both busy salons and women that want to apply dip nails at home.

Color is everywhere in our dipping powders, from bright and bold to subtle and traditional. With over 400 colors in our Mastermatch™ system, each with an available matching gel and lacquer, the possibilities are endless. Even more fun, our color family Collections are released continuously and developed with the help of top nail fashion designers. Each beautiful Collection gallery is named for a theme, such as “Fairy Tale”, “Best of Spring”, and “Birds of Paradise”. Limitless options for self-expression for any mood or look.

SNS Nails continues to develop the best dip powders in the broadest range of vibrant rich colors. Our ongoing professional training for technicians ensures the best possible application for stunning and strong nails.

A Cleaner Way

We’re serious about your health. SNS products are non-allergenic, vegan and not tested on animals.

They do not contain any of the following toxins:









Formaldehyde resin


Synthetic Sulfate


Ethyl tosylamide

SNS products are “skin safe”

Common preservative free

Paraben free

Coconut free

MCI MI free

Nickel free

Propylene glycol free

Fragrance free

Lanolin free

Topical Antibiotic

Soy free

Gluten free


Best Sellers for Gelous Color DIP POWDER

GC 056
Barely There Pink

GC 095
Day Dreamers

GC 352
Tiffany Blue

GC 022
Flamingo Dance

GC 065
Silent Summer Night