SNS is a world-class brand, loved by women every-
where. When consumers see an SNS Exclusive Salon,
they know that exceptional quality is guaranteed.

Exclusive Salon

As an SNS Exclusive Salon, you serve your clients with SNS nail products only—which means you give your clients the healthiest, most beautiful and enduring nails they can have.

You’ll be the only SNS Exclusive Salon in your territory, so you get the full advantage of our powerful brand name. Not only that, you and your nail technicians get a full 2-day training from our Master Trainers. And we supply you with a full range of in-store marketing and display materials.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, now’s the time to learn how you can become an SNS Exclusive Salon. Take the first step here, and complete the short Inquiry Form.

There’s no commitment—just an opportunity to discover what’s possible…

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