From SNS Founder Joe Nguyen: A Message To Salon Owners

Before I founded SNS, I was a salon owner for over 30 years. I know firsthand your dreams, challenges and everyday struggles.

And I’m sure that right now you are extremely concerned about your business.

The call for “social distancing” means that many clients may prefer not to visit a salon. In some areas, salons may be forced to close. We don’t know how long these restrictions will last, and there is likely to be a significant slow-down in the economy.

At SNS, we have a special heart for salon owners, and we will stand by you throughout these difficult times. Let’s be sure of one thing. This COVID-19 crisis will pass, as all crises do. And when it is over, women everywhere will be excited to look their best and enjoy beautiful, healthy nails.

Meanwhile, please take the best care you can of your clients, your staff and yourselves. Take a close look at this OSHA document. And let me highlight a few key points here:

1 Hand washing is ESSENTIAL! Twenty seconds seems like a long time, but it’s necessary, before and after every client interaction.

2. Clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment every 30 minutes throughout the day, including color samples, doorknobs, faucets, sinks, etc. Make this a written instruction to your staff.

3. With powders, do not dip — sprinkle! (I’ll be sending you video instructions in my next email)

4. If possible, provide your staff with face masks, even if you are only using healthy SNS products.

5. Teach your staff about coughing: turn away from the client and cough into the elbow

6. If a tech is sick, has a fever, coughing, or has shortness of breath, send him or her home to quarantine.

7. Do whatever you can to support and advise staff that are losing income because of the pandemic.

8. Let your clients know the special precautions you are taking: post a notice with all of the details in your salon, and send emails outlining the details where you have addresses.

9. Consider making it easy for clients to wait in their car, rather than your waiting area.

10. Consider creating a special sanitization step for each client, at a dedicated station, prior to service.

As well as the OSHA document, I’m attaching a template email for you to send to your clients. If you use this template, be sure to change the details to make it accurate for your salon.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please do reach out to us. We’ll be here to support and advise you as best we can.

Wishing you well,

Joe Nguyen