MasterMatch 2-in-1 Gel and Polish Combo

Gel and lacquer combo sets are here! SNS MasterMatch™ solves a problem every dipping powder fan must face: how to match fingers and toes. Dipping powders are perfect for manicures, but what about pedicures?

SNS MasterMatch™ professional matching gel and polish duos are created to provide matching products across THREE product lines:

• SNS Gelous Color—our famous dipping powders
• SNS GelStar™—the world’s healthiest gel
• SNS Nail Lacquers—our conventional nail polish

Salon owners can order these gel and polish combos wholesale directly from SNS at a professional discount pricing. These gel and polish duos are the perfect accompaniment to the Gelous Color dips for any salon to upsell a matching pedicure. In response to massive demand, SNS has expanded the matching colors to over 400.

Guaranteed Match SNS guarantees a 98% color match and will accept returns of any non-matching products in the system. Technicians should be trained in the skill to apply the thickness of the product appropriately to achieve a perfect match at SNS Academy Live. MasterMatch™ is yet another innovation from SNS, as we seek to find new ways to provide women everywhere with nail health and beauty!

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