Nail Art Supplies

Nail Art in manicures is always advancing, and SNS leads the way in developing creative techniques and tools for truly creative expression. Our ombre and marble nail art systems can be used with dip powder, gel polish, acrylic, and traditional polish or lacquer.

The best nail technicians keep up with the latest trends and ideas in nail designs, constantly looking for ideas on Instagram and Pinterest. It takes a true talent and vision to execute nail art. Nail customers choose between just one nail or toe or a full manicure or pedicure with art. Salons stock nail art supplies including specific kits and techniques, as well as tools and brushes.


Dolo™ is the amazing new Instant Marble product from SNS. With Dolo it takes just seconds to create a stunningly professional marbling service. Yet these lovely nails last for up to 3+ weeks.

Every Dolo nail is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. And with TEN color options your creative possibilities are endless.

You can complete the whole process in minutes, with three easy steps.