PRESS RELEASE: SNS Awarded 2018 Readers’ Choice by Nailpro Magazine’s 61,000 Subscribers

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Orlando, Florida: January 7, 2019.

SNS, the world’s leading manufacturer of dipping powder systems, has been awarded 2018 Readers’ Choice for dipping powder systems by Nailpro Magazine.

Nailpro is the nail industry’s leading professional magazine, read by salon owners, nail technicians and product distributors. The magazine has 61,500 subscribers and an estimated 264,470 “pass-along” readers.

SNS (Signature Nail Systems) is a Florida-based manufacturer of healthy nail products that are distributed in the United States, Australia and Europe.

SNS introduced dipping powders to the nail industry in 1996, with the world’s first pink and white dipping system. Since then, numerous imitators have followed, and today all major nail product companies offer dipping powder systems. Despite this competition, SNS has remained the provider of choice for nail professionals worldwide.

The major advantage of SNS dipping powders is a nail product that leaves nails healthier than they were before application. In addition, the dipping powders provide a beautiful mirror finish with a range of over 400 colors. The surface is light, flexible and strong, and lasts for at least 14 days without cracking or chipping.

Nail professionals prefer SNS to the alternatives because SNS powders are finer, the color choice is wider, and there are greater health benefits.

In 2019, SNS will launch further innovations, reducing the time required for dipping powder application while increasing the benefits for nail health.

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