Dip Powder Starter Kits

These professional dip powder kits contain everything neededto perform a complete dip Pink and White manicure. We carefully assembled these kits to serve as complete nail dip powder starter kits, perfect for professional nail technicians, salons, and students. They each have selection of Pink & White dip powders including the Natural Set which is the base of any dip manicure. All kits include the bottles of dip powder essentials required as well. The 7 essentials included are the base coats, adhesives, sealer dry, activators, and top coats needed for all dip manicures. Also contains a French manicure dip mold. Select from several kits with various Pink & White powders.

The SNS dip powder system is created with nail health in mind, formulated with nutrients to nourish the nail bed and the least amount of chemicals possible. Our powders are among the finest in the industry, resulting in a brilliant shine. Proudly offer your clients the best quality in dip powders for long lasting, beautiful, and healthy nails.



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