Gel Nail Polishes and Lacquers

Healthy GelStar™ in Matching Colors

The world’s healthiest gel, our Gelstar™ professional gel nail polishes reflect our commitment to healthy nails. Formulated with Vitamin E and Calcium to nourish the nail bed, and coupled with our safer UV/LED hybrid light, it stands apart from every other gel. Application is fast and easy, and no alcohol is needed for the top.

Thanks to SNS MasterMatch™, this advanced gel product comes in over 400 spectacular colors—and they all match SNS Gelous Colors dipping powders! Match colors on nails and toes between dip powder, UV gel, or traditional nail lacquer manicures and pedicures.

A gel polish manicure is typically performed in a salon, with base, color, and top coats dried under a UV/LED lamp.  Gel nail manicures are popular because they last 14 days and often longer, with a brilliant mirror surface and shine.

Salons and nail technicians can buy our gel polish wholesale online directly from SNS. Individuals can purchase our UV/LED hybrid light and Gelstar polishes to do gel nail manicures at home. Even with the magic of MasterMatch™, SNS reminds nail technicians that skill is required to achieve a perfect match, the thickness of application can affect the tone. Another good reason to check out SNS Academy Live!


Only from SNS

To support SNS Healthy GelStar™ line, SNS has introduced a new Hybrid UV/LED Light, with special features for extra safety and performance. The SNS UV/LED Light is available in three stylish colors to complement any salon décor.

  • LG Hybrid LED
  • Smart Design for Protective Shield
  • 54w High Power Output
  • Pause/Low Heat Function
  • Wireless/Extended-Life