SNS Files Trade Secret Theft Lawsuit Against Nitro Nail System, LLC, Empire Nails Manufacturing, LLC, and Dung A. Nguyen

ORLANDO, FL, March 22, 2019/—Signature Nail Systems, LLC (SNS®) has filed a trade secret theft lawsuit against Nitro Nail System, LLC (Nitro), Empire Nails Manufacturing, LLC (Empire), and Dung A. Nguyen (Mr. Nguyen).  The lawsuit is pending in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court for Orange County, Florida as Case # 2019-CA-002620-O.

SNS created the first pink and white dipping powder system and popularized dipping powders beginning in the 1990s. SNS continues to lead this growing category in the nail beauty product industry. NailPro Magazine (the industry’s most influential publication, with over 61,500 subscribers) awarded its 2018 Readers’ Choice Award to SNS for the company’s proprietary dipping powder system.

The SNS lawsuit alleges that Nitro, Empire, and Mr. Nguyen gained access to SNS’s trade secrets by improper means (theft, bribery, misrepresentation, breach or inducement of a breach of a duty to maintain secrecy, or espionage through electronic or other means).  Mr. Nguyen is a former manager-level employee of SNS.  Nitro, Empire, and Mr. Nguyen are alleged to have worked or conspired together to illegally bring the Nitro Nail Innovation product line to market.

The SNS products are the result of over 25 years of research and development.  SNS offers an unmatched level of support and training to its customers.  By illegally using SNS’s trade secrets to enter the market without engaging in the critical research and development process and marketing their products through false and deceptive advertising, customers for the Nitro Nail Innovation products ultimately stand to be harmed.

SNS applauds its legitimate competitors for innovation in nail enhancement products.  SNS does not view the Nitro Nail Innovation products as a legitimately competitive product line and has filed this lawsuit to protect its business, the industry as a whole, and customers for dipping powder products.  SNS is seeking an injunction to stop Nitro, Empire & Mr. Nguyen’s illegal conduct and enhanced monetary damages from Nitro, Empire and Mr. Nguyen.


Joe Nguyen

Founder and Chief Director

SNS Nails, LLC

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