SNS Takes the Lead for Healthy Nails… Again!

SNS is planning the launch of a major product innovation, SNS NutriPlusTM.  This new nail technology dramatically underlines the company’s mission to advance women’s health and beauty.

For the first time, SNS will be adding healthful nutrients to the dipping powders themselves. That means the natural nail will gain health benefits with every dip! This has never been done before, and once again sets SNS apart as the pioneer in healthful nail products.

SNS NutriPlusTM provides a second, equally important health benefit, with the introduction of a new adhesive for the bases and sealers used in every dipping powder application. The adhesive is far kinder to the natural nail, and is the direct result of exciting scientific developments.

Some 30 years ago, SNS launched the movement for natural health and beauty in the nail industry with the first dipping powders. Now the company is once again leading the industry with this pioneering new technology.

Look out for the launch of SNS NutriPlusTM in the coming months…

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