If I look like I will remove it a little bit right here and little bit and put it to the bottom. We got 2 layer pink and white the first one a little bit of [unaudible] after like you can see a lot of here I've been move here and here OK just one I go back next next next now light right dip in press out right ring and then I'm dipping for some free protect for yellow OK and you put back many OK When my technique when I do this, I stop right there on the next thing I knew exactly the same I'm doing and then what I'm pointing [unaudible] and when you see you go their I go back and move to other part (say again) OK. I go over look play there and dip it in. [unaudable] So I apply the sealer the sealer come quick dry. I'm not even done yet but what I've done we move all right that OK.

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Really I love it that they are like addicted to it now, they just they tried to go back to the cheap nail polish and can't do that. They have to keep coming back in to get the product on their nails. They just their own natural nails are growing out healthier and stronger. And they're not, like, weak from the acrylics.

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