Hello and welcome back. Today, we have a special nail dipping powder tutorial for you. We'll cover all the basics and we'll have a few hidden gems for our more advanced users. This is perfect for anyone who wants to offer this service to their clients or anyone who wants to try this at home. Dip in powder is a great alternative to acrylic for those who want longer-lastingnails, less odor and a healthier nail bed. Today, we'll be using our SNS Sunshine Bases and Sealers will pair it with a beautiful Gealous color from our exciting new collection, Lomi Glam. We will be applying our color on a medium-lengthnail using these familiar glass dishes. Remember, every great service starts with properly sanitized tools, once fully dry. We're ready to build the apex of the nail using one layer of natural set. We begin by applying a code of Gelous Base. We brush across the bottle in order to remove any bubbles on the brush. We want both sides of the brush to be nice and smooth. We are now going to go in and drop the excess on her nail and coat, about three-fourthsof the nail to create a strong foundation. Apply the product evenly to ensure a stronger bond. Next, we dipped a nail into the natural set. We want to brush off any excess and keep our workspace as clean as possible. Now time to apply some color.

We want to apply a layer of Gelous Base and dip our nails into our Lumi glam color. After you apply the first layer of Gelous color, make sure you dust off the nail. Be sure to dust under the nail as well. Now it's time for a second coat of color. Let's apply one layer of Natural Set Sheer, this additional layer will help protect our color when we begin filing brush-off any remaining powder before applying a nice thin coat of Gelous Base. Let's dip into our Natural Set Sheer. When complete, we want to dust above and below the nail in order to avoid any specs, now we are ready to apply Sealer Dry. This will help our product find together one's dry we can go in and start filing and shaping. We're using the fabulous 100/180 files and buffers from SNS. We want to make sure we go around the cuticle and sidewalks. Filing is a critical step because it generates heat that will help our product fond. SNS powder is really easy to file. So we can use a light touch when using a hand file. When using our SNS E file. We don't have to go past setting number two. We done want to lightly buff and remove any rough parts, dust off and will apply one more layer of sealer dry. Now we're ready for our first layer of topcoat. We want to make sure the first coat fully dries before we go into our second layer. Look at how pretty that looks now for the final touch, we want to apply SNS Vitamin Oil around the cuticle area. This will encourage our clients, nails to grow strong and healthy. Thank you for watching. Be sure to like and subscribe. Remember to hit the bell icon to be notified when we release a new video.