Hello and welcome back. Today, we're going to use SNS Gelous dipping powder system to create as beautiful fall design. We've already prepped nail and builds the foundation with natural set for the nail length. Click on the link on screen to see the full in-depth video on how to build up your nail for the design. We're going to be using Harvest Moon number twenty-five Natural Set Sheer and of course Gelous Base applier first layer of Gelous Base about two millimeters from the cuticle lines. Make sure you wipe the excess on the lint-free surface. Always apply in long strokes. Make sure to get Gelous Base on sidewalls. Dip your nail at an angle into the dipping jar. We want full coverage. Repeat the same step for the middle nail and thumb. Make sure to always wipe off the brush with each application to the nail before putting it back into the bottle and reapplying to the next nail. We don't want cross-contamination ofany products. Now, dust off all your nails. Make sure to get underneath them as well. Now we're ready for a second layer of Gelous color. This layer will go almost to the cuticle line. Remember, to avoid the cuticle line or this will cause lifting. Dust off your nail, now we're applying the third layer of color for the design. Dust off your nail. Now we're going to move to the leaf design. We'll be using Gelous Base in Natural Set Sheer, apply a layer of Gelous Base and dip into the Natural Set Sheer. For foil and lit application will use-based, which gives us more work time. Apply a layer of Gel Based, apply foil and make sure that it's flat. Then dip into the Natural Set Sheer repeat on the next nail. Apply layer of Gel Based, then apply the leaves and make sure once again they are all link flat. We're applying in different layers for 3D effect. Dip back into the Natural Set Sheer lightly pressed the top of the nail and make sure it leaves or flat. Apply another layer of Gel Based. Dip back into your Natural Set Sheer. Now the design elements are fully encapsulated in the product, that's the nails. Well, and don't forget underneath repeat on the next nail. Apply a layer of Gelous Base and dip into the Natural Set Sheer. Use SNS Sealer Dry, making sure you coat the whole inaudible surface. Make sure to clean your brush between each application to the nail. Next, we will file shape and buff apply another layer of Sealer Dry. Now we'll be using mat top coat, make sure to shake well before application, we're going to apply two layers. Make sure your first layer completely dry before you apply the second.

Next, we're applying SNS supershine topcoat to the leaf design and apply a thin layer and wipe the brush. One strike applies second layer. Once the second layer is dried up, apply vitamin oil. Look how beautiful that is. Thank you for tuning in like and subscribe and please comment with any questions below. Until next time.