Hello, everyone, and welcome back to our channel. We'll be going over how to create this beautiful monster mash look. Now let's get started. The inspiration came from upcoming holidays like Halloween and maybe a little bit of Beetlejuice. We will start by getting out our Gelous color from the Lumi Glam Collection color number six. He's a fun guy and Air Ombre 151. We'll be using Gelous Base to apply Gelous color on our nail tip. The process we're using here is just to cover the entire nail in the color, not to build up the apex. If you're looking for that process, please click the link on the screen. After applying three layers of our color, we will use Sealer Dry to seal the nail completely, make sure to wipe off the brush before putting it back into the sealer dry bottle once the sealer dry is completely dry. Go ahead and shape and buff your nail for extra strength. You can apply another thin layer of sealer dry, but that's completely optional once the layers completely dry. Start applying adhesive three-millimeter tapejust like I'm doing here. Make sure to follow the exact pattern. I'm applying six pieces, but you can do more or less depending on the nail length. I don't recommend doing less than three lines, though. Now I'm using SNS GelStar UV-basedcoat, careful not to apply any of the based coat onto the foil strips. Now use the SNS Air Ombre on the nail, put it under UV lamp for 30 seconds Take off the foil strips while skipping a line in between like I'm doing here. Then apply GelStar UV based, on the side of the nail. Spray the Air Ombre, use the UV light for another 30 seconds. Take off the rest of the strips carefully and apply new lines over the areas that you've already covered with a design. Make sure they're secured in place in applied GelStar UV Based on the opposite end and only halfway through like I'm doing here. Now spray the Air Ombre and again with the light for 30 seconds. Now take off all the foil strips. Look at that beautiful nail now for the last step, applying SNS GelStar UV Topcoat and put it under the UV light for 60 seconds for a final cure. Look at that shine.

I'm absolutely in love with this. Look, it's definitely one of my favorate and really easy to create. Thank you so much for joining us for this tutorial. If you have any questions, please comment below. Make sure to like this video. If you enjoyed it, hit that subscribe button and the bell notification to get all the latest news and tutorials in the month of October, we encourage you to participate in our hashtag. I love SNS contest, Spook Tober. We're looking for spooky designs or nails that match your costume perfectly. Make sure to post on Facebook and Instagram. Use hashtags. I love SNS

For now Bye.