Hello and welcome back. Today, we have a special SNS tutorial for you. We'll be going over how to create this beautiful alien abduction nail. follow along and if you have any questions, drop a comment below. As you can see here, we really built up our nails with natural set. If you'd like to see a full-lengthtutorial, please click the link on screen. All right. Now let's begin. We're using Gelous Base first, comparing it with our Gelous color. Happy honeymoon. Twenty-one. All products used will be in the description below. Apply your first layer of Gelous Base and dip into the Gelous color.

Now, dust off that nail make sure to always get underneath and repeat. Apply your SNS Sealer Dry make sure it's completely dry file and buff your nails. Once we're done applying gel top to all your nails with cary nails to dry.

Apply a layer of your SNS healthy GelStar, healthy base coat, we're pairing it with our GelStar one step gel number sixty five. Cure your nails for 30 seconds. We'll be utilizing the special tool in combination with GelStar, sixty-fivefollow on to repeat the design. Look at those beautiful nails. Once you're happy with your design curing your nails for 30 seconds, and bam, beautiful. We're going to utilize this chrome rub-onpowder, which you can get from any SNS distributor.

Let's prepare our chrome number 20 after you dab the nail with the chrome powder. Rub it in and make sure to cure under the light for 30 seconds. Use your one-stepgel number sixty-fiveto create the alien face. Cure your nails for another 30 seconds and apply a GelStar top coat now cure for 60 and look at that beautiful design. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please like and subscribe.
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