Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the SNS Channel, where we teach you how to create beautiful designs and SNS de Pouter techniques, make sure to check out the link in the description below for Valentine's Day specials on snsnails.com. For today's design, we will show you how to encapsulate these beautiful hearts. All right, let's begin. We've already prepped a nail with natural set for an extended tutorial on how to create the base. Click the link on screen. Let's start out by applying Gelous Base on the whole nail.

And dip into B.M. 10. Make sure to dip at a 90-degree angle. I love that beautiful shimmer dust offany excess powder.

We're now going to create and ombre effects on the nail using Gelous color ninety-twobe my valentine. For this, we will apply a gel base over the whole nail and use a brush to sprinkle a gelous color. 92 over the edge of the nail.

Next, we're going to use a small nail tool to apply the hearts. Once you created the pattern that you like, dip into Natural Set Sheer.

Dustoff in apply one more layer of gelous base and dip into Natural Set Sheer.

You can repeat the process once more if needed. The point is to make sure all of the foil pieces are encapsulated with Natural Set Sheer.

Next, apply sealer dry, wait for it to dry. File and buff. Ask your client to wash their hands without any soap and make sure that they're completely dry before applying another coat of sealer dry. Wait for it to completely dry and apply two layers of gel top. Wait for that to dry and voila, you are all set. Thank you, everyone, for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, please like and subscribe comment below with any questions and tutorials you would like for us to do next. Bye for now.