Hello and welcome back. Today, we have a special tutorial for you. We'll be learning how to use Air Ombre with SNS Healthy UV Gel. This process can be used on natural nails, deep powder, and acrylic. For dip powder in acrylic imagine the base of the nail already created link to all of our products will be used in the description below. Let's startup by tumbling our Air Ombre bottle press down on the pump fully. We're looking for a steady stream of color to come out, push back the cuticles, then shape and buff the nail.

Turn on your UV light and set the timer for 30 seconds. Remember, you can use the UV and a UV Led Light. We're going to apply our long-lastingSNS Healthy One Step Gel. Avoiding the cuticle line, apply the gel starting at the base, moving forward to the edge of the nail, make sure it's an even coat. Cure the nail for 30 seconds under the UV or UV-ledlight. Now that it's dry, apply a second layer.
Now we're ready for our Air Ombre spray from left to right and right to left. Cure under the UV light for 30 seconds, once that's complete, apply one layer of GelStart Ultra Shine Top. Always make sure to avoid the cuticle line. Cure under the UV light for 60 seconds when completely dry. We will finish by applying our SNS Vitamin Oil.

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