Hello and welcome back. Today, we will be showing you how to apply a full set of strong long-lastingnail tips later, you can build upon them, add colors, designs, and artwork by tapping into your creative side. Remember, every great service starts with properly cleaned and sanitized tools. We first want to sanitize our client's hands while their hands are drying. We're going to size up our client's tips. We want the tips to reach from sidewall to sidewall, perfect fit! Let's start gently pushing back the cuticles. Dustoff, let's start filing. Once we've shaped the nail, we want to start buffing lightly. Always buff lightly. You can save the workout for the gem. Let's dust off the nails, make sure you dust underneath as well. Now let's apply sealer dry on just the tip of the nail. We now want to fill our nail tips with glue. Just where the seam of the temple overlapped a natural nail. Will applying set on the edge and roll it forward. Once the tips are secured on the hands, we can come back in and trim them down to our client's desired length. Let's begin filing our tips down. We want to go down the sidewall and flatten down the edges. We're going to take this opportunity to shape our client's nails. We're going to start off with natural set for this process. Please use your SNS French Tip Mold. We want to turn our brush sideways in and applier Gelous Based across the seam. Now we sprinkle in our product and fill in the tiny section. Now, we'll go ahead and apply a second layer of Gelous Based and repeat the exact same process, we want to avoid going over the same exact spot twice because we don't want to make the nails too bulky. Lightly dust off any powder. Now we're going to apply our Gelous Based with a slight modification. We're going to drop the excess on the base of our nail. Now just brush to the free-edge.

Dust off lightly and we'll go higher and wider again. dust off lightly apply Gelous Based and repeat the same process. Clean your area and dust underneath the nail. Let's lately come across the nail with our sealer dry. Once it dries, we can now file in shape. Buff around the entire nail. We are now finished and can now start applying whatever designs and colors that inspire us. Thank you so much for watching. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video. Hit the bell icon to get our latest, fastest, and easiest tutorials. Comment below if you have any questions or if there's any other topics you would like us to cover. Bye for now.