I am the creator of a pink and white dipping system, and the first one in the whole world creates the system and I'm the first one go out there to teach people how to use dipping system on a quality effect. But They have system is kind of different, a totally different than many kind of nail out there for many many years. SNS System is the system that can give you a real nail through our stronger and healthier without a damage. And by the same time is a SNS is odor-free andmake your natural nail feel natural and very durable compared with many parts out here. And by the same time, that a SNS can give you most of the flexible on your real name. That's why it is harder for you to keep wrecking. For many years when you have share audience that keeps [practice unaudable] off easy, you know, especially when you travel, no and you prep all the time with this kind of system is art to reflect and very durable and comfortable from you really but the main point is.

I've used the acrylics, the gels and the wraps for a total of about 28 years before I found SNS, I noticed the difference in the health of my nail and I also noticed a difference in the health of the cuticle surrounding my nails.

Years ago I had tips with silk wraps. I never had acrylic, but for the last four years I've had SNS.
Yeah before I did the SNS I did acrylic, and whatever else was out there and it didn't, didn't make me happy and then I found this and stuck with it.

I used to do acrylic a long time ago and I hated it after a while because my nails start break it off. It look horrible.

Until a year ago, I was a flight attendant and typically my nails would be flying off in different directions. I've never had a problem.

I love it. It feels natural. It hardly ever break the nail. Hardly ever. It never chip. It really long-lastingand durable.

It just feels better they don't break as easily, they look good when they grow out, unlike acrylic, look horrible and yellow and growth, and it's just a better system overall.

I am actually hairstylistI do hair, so it's it's a great product. Nothing compared with this. Acrylic not, I can go back and look at myself. Oh, my God, how could I depend on acrylic? been so heavy and then by the end of luckiest of seven days to eight days, they were disgusting looking. But the good things about this product you really when you have it done is staying nice and neat for another 20 days, three weeks shiny fresh-lookingso lite, so easy to work with. It's a very happy. I'm very, very happy, but this is why I find it late, so I'm happy there's no light, there is no smell, there's nothing really as much as these days we try to live healthy and be healthy. This is great. And then you don't feel it whatsoever. No light, no drilling so much. I like it. They all shape it. And then so it's definitely a way to go. It's way healthy way to go. If you want to save your nail, this is a way to go.

So I started using the jet up the different kinds of gel, the one where you have to sit under the heat lamp. And I really do not like that one thing it took too long to do. And I just didn't enjoy sitting in the heat lamp. So I started using this product. I actually was not using anything on my nails. I was just letting go natural. And I got this product and I start using it? And I love it. (actually love it) And I actually helped tell her Bell, and there's one salon in the town that does this nails, and I'm always telling people about it constantly. So it's, you know like they all know. And when I tell people they don't, What? and say Yes it's powder. And what I love about them, you have them 250 dollars, as far as I know. Maybe you would save 300 now. Wow. That's hard to choose from sometimes. But I love it because I have some college education and I love the sparkle because I teach middle school. So I love to go out sparkles and things. And the kids love, love it too. And so, yes, I did. I tell everybody love this product, It it's just it's amazing. It really is. You know, it's I think I've broken one in all these years. And that was that I got called in at ingrowing. And when it breaks off, the thing that's amazing about is when it breaks, it's like I cry over there. So even when it breaks, it doesn't break your nail underneath. It only breaks apart. And just a tough life and it's very easy to fix.

SNS Product has been cited If you look closer, you can see on the L powder, we remove half chemical away help the nail grow our more stronger and thicker like a, like a recall, is already carrying for that chemical. So that's the reason why your nail go out help feel that one On our Gel will ever, time will be [uninaudable] that wish help the through our [aninaudable].

They were very fragile, I couldn't even scratch my face, my own nail basically would death. It was just a piece of nothing. You know, he was just not healthy, looking so thin. But now, when I clean them and it's very perfect I can feel it. It's and nail it's an A mixed of nail, of course,the stronger you're gonna to go back eventually to feeling like you have a nail put and the good part of it. It's SNS It's so lite when you have it, you feel like your own nail. You'd really don't feel anything on it. It's just your old nail that's gonna strong grow nicely and you never need tip anymore. Before it would break and they had to tip, but now you're own nail it doesn't broke anyway.

My nails are beautiful underneath. They're healthy. I could actually go without this product, but since I do teach school, I want my nails to look nice all the time. My nails grow so fast they never split before. I can never get my nails to grow. I come in here after usually It's usually on twenty-fivedays before I get in here because I'm so busy to school, everything. And when I come in here and she takes these. Oh. I tell her, please cut my nails and cut my nails open because I like to keep my nails pretty sure they have actually grown I think this is from 17 days ago and I actually they have grown since then. And they both say things and beautiful underneath. The product It's just its wonderful it's the best product I've ever used.

Sandy, and how long have you been using SNS product? A little more than three years since 2010, about two years.

The SNS I'm actually new to this product is in about maybe six months. And then all of my life for past 25 years, I had acrylic and then I had no other choice, acrylic, gel, shellac, different thing. But these I started six months ago and I'm very, very happy. I see the big difference.

SNS is the first company in the world to create the pink and white dipping powder and Gelous Color in recent years with the growth of the nail industry, SNS has become an indispensable technique to the nail community for being both easy and effective. Since SNS products contain vitamin E, calcium, vitamin A, D three and D five, there's no need for UV light acrylic brushes or liquid making the nails healthy, strong and durable. SNS helps salon owners grow profits, become anti-competitive and easy to train employees, and there's no chemical odors in the salon. Currently, SNS is strongly developing a global distribution system from North America to Europe, Australia to South Asia, discovered the SNS nail dipping powder, the unique nail product and the artistic nail designs.