Hello, my friends, today we are creating fun designs with gel overlays and of course, our fabulous DOLO three-secondMarvel Kit. We've already applied the tips, build the foundation dry, sealed, file buffed. So we have a perfect canvas to begin with. We will be working with Gelous Base Destination Wedding Collection Number 15. I heart New York and of course, Gelous color number 104 luxury shades apply Gelous Base about two millimeters from the cuticle line coating the nail evenly. Wipe the brush and then dip into the powder. Repeat this process and all the nails tapping off excess powder as you go. Be sure to always wipe the brush after applying the Gelous Base. Dust off nails be sure to dust underneath. Next, we will apply a second coat of I heart New York, this time we're bringing it closer to the cutical line, but making sure we do not make contact. Again, repeat on all the nails. Dust the nails off thoroughly? Next, apply a third coat of color to the ring, metal and thumbnails. The ombre will be next. This time will be using and incorporating luxury shades, number 104 dust off all the excess powder. Be sure to get underneath the nails. Natural Set Sheer will be used to protect the glitter layer, apply a layer of Gelous Base evenly across the nails surface using a brush, pick up the glitter powder and lightly tap over the free edge of the nail.

Switching to Natural Set Sheer and a new brush, pick up the Natural Set Sheer and lightly tap over the nail bed, repeat this process on index finger for a more solid tip, can also tip the tip into the powder. Dust off all the nails thoroughly now we're gonna apply another layer of Natural Set Sheer, this is needed to protect the ombre design when filing and buffing. Apply a layer of Gelous Base and dip into Natural Set Sheer. Repeat on the index finger. Again, dust off the nails thoroughly apply the dry sealer as it hardens the product, and it is important to file each nail. After the sealer dry has hardened the product, you begin to file each nail. Then buff. Apply one more layer of your sealer dry. The nails will then be based using SNS healthy gel starbase to the middle and ring fingers.

The nails are then cured and an led light for one minute, using a gel hot color for the design, its hand painted onto the gel starbase, each layer is then cured and the next is applied, creating the L design.

Once the design is finished and cured, a layer of gel star topcoat is applied and cured for one minute on the LED thudding. Next, the GelStar topcoatis applied, stones are placed on the nail. It is cured for one minute and the setting. Using SNS topcoat, she applies one layer to the ombre nail and quickly places the stone. Repeating the same process on the index finger. One's dry, she does a second coat of the SNS top coat on the nail. For the thumb, the SNS DOLO three set and marble will be used, you will need the DOLO base and topcoat white DOLO and Black DOLO be sure to shake the black and white DOLO well prior to using. It's also important to have all the bottles opened and ready to go so that the base is not dry out. It must be wet to create the marbling effect. Apply a layer of the DOLO base evenly. Then apply Black DOLO in a zigzag swiping motion next, quickly apply the white DOLO in a tapping motion to move the block to create the marble look you desire, allow to dry. Next apply the DOLO topcoat to seal. One's dry apply the SNS vitamin oil on cuticles. And voila, you are done. Thank you so much for tuning in and please leave us a comment on what you would like to see next.